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Leasing Information

last updated 11/15/2021

New leasing information:

Due to the new city of Ann Arbor leasing ordinance we are signing lease option agreements to hold the property until a lease can be signed March 18, 2022. The deposit will be first months rent and the rest of the security deposit will be due at lease signing.

When does Leasing for the following Fall school term start?
Due to City Ordinance #7-06 as amended January 22, 2008, Landlords must wait until 70 days after the current lease period passes before they can show a unit or sign a lease to a new group for the following term. This applies to all leases that are 9 months or longer. For Cappo/Deinco the official start date for 2021-22 Fall Leasing is Tuesday November 10, 2020.

How can we arrange an apartment showing?
Showings do not start until March 18, 2022. Please call or email Cappo/Deinco in advance to schedule a viewing. Showings are scheduled Monday - Friday 10am-3pm. In most cases we are showing you an occupied apartment/house. By law we must provide the current residents a 24 hour advance notice. Notices go out by 8am the day before during the week and by 1:30pm on Fridays for Monday viewings. Our telephone number is 734-996-1991 or by email at cappomanagement@gmail.com

What lease terms are available?
We sign 12 month Fall Leases from September-August however we do have a few houses that have a May-May Lease.

What is the rental process?

Typically we are able to do the application and the lease all at the same time. If you are ready to sign a lease…

  1. Call or Email the office and let us know what property you are interested in renting to confirm its availability, ask any questions prior to signing and let us know when you plan to come in and sign. Office is located at: 318 E. Jefferson #6, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.
  2. Each person who will be on the lease must complete a Rental Application. Available online or at the office. There is a non refundable application fee per person due upon applying/signing lease. Checks, Money Orders or Cashier Check Payments Only.
  3. Make arrangements with all roommates to come in together, if possible, to sign the lease and make necessary payments.
  4. Review and sign the lease and supporting documents.
  5. Upon signing the lease, at least ½ of the Security Deposit (1 1/2 months rent) is due along with the non refundable $40 application fee (per person) if not already paid. The remainder of the Security Deposit is due roughly 30 days later. If you are not sure how much you need to pay, please call the office, 734-996-1991. Accepted forms of payments are Checks, Money Orders and Cashiers Checks.



last updated 10-23-2020

What day is move-in?
Your move-in day is the day your lease begins. Please refer to your lease or call the office for move in date confirmation. Fall leases typically start September 1st but that could change year to year by a day or so.

What do I need to do to move-in?

  1. Visit the office at 318 E. Jefferson #6, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 on your move in date.
  2. Pay any outstanding Security Deposit or Pet Fees plus your First Months Rent. Security Deposit and First Months Rent must be paid in full to receive your keys and move in packet.
  3. Keys will need to be picked up DURING OFFICE HOURS. If there is no way you or a friend can pick up the keys during office hours you will need to contact the office in advance to see about making alternative arrangements. 


What is your Early Move In Policy?
We do not guarantee Early Move Ins. We do our best to get everyone moved in as soon as possible but we have roughly 10 days and average around 110-120 units (efficiency apts to 9 bedroom houses) turning over each year. Tenants should plan on the start date of their lease (typically 9/1) unless you hear from us otherwise.

What if I/We take the unit as-is and clean it my/ourselves?
Most units can accommodate what we call an OPT OUT. An OPT OUT means that we would not Paint, Clean, Carpet Clean or Re-poly wood floors or do anything that is normally done during turnover. You would be taking it AS IS but would still be responsible for returning an empty and clean unit back to us at the end of the lease. Unfortunately, not all units can accommodate an OPT OUT. This would be the case if the current tenant is transferring to another Cappo/Deinco Property or Construction/Upgrades are required in a particular unit prior to the new tenant moving in. You would need to check with the office in August to see if your unit can accommodate an opt out or not.

Can I store my belongings in the apartment before I move in?
No. During the turnover work period there will be a variety of contractors going in and out of the apartments/houses, and therefore we cannot provide a secure environment for your belongings. Unfortunately you will have to make other arrangements during this time.


Rent Payments

last updated 10-23-2020

When is the rent payment due?
For the majority of our leases rent is due on the 1st of each month. If you did not sign your lease directly with Cappo/Deinco, your due date and late fee may be different...check your lease.

When is rent late, and what is the late fee?
For Cappo/Deinco leases rent is considered late after the 3rd of the month. In most cases the late fee is 5% unless your lease states otherwise. Those whose leases were signed with a different company/person and transferred to Cappo/Deinco may have a different late fee policy so please check your lease.

I have roommates, can we send in individual checks?
No. Your monthly rent payment is due in ONE CHECK per month per unit/house. 

What is the penalty fee for a bounced/returned check?
If your check is returned to us by the bank you will be charged a $45 non-sufficient fund (NSF) or returned check fee (unless your lease states otherwise). You will need to issue a new check as we cannot attempt to cash your original check for a second time. Most of the time our bank will attempt to deposit your check twice before returning it unpaid.



last updated 10-23-2020

What utilities am I responsible for covering?

Refer to your lease on what utility expenses you are responsible for. Apartments are typically responsible for Electric and possibly Cooking Gas. Houses are typically responsible for All Utilities.

How do I arrange the utility account(s) in my name?
Please call DTE Energy for gas and/or electric service at 800-477-4747. If you are responsible for water usage, please call the City of Ann Arbor Water Department at 734-994-2666.

What happens if I forget to place the utility account(s) in my name?
Most tenants have 5 days after move in to have utilities transferred without penalty. If not transferred within the 5 day period, Cappo/Deinco will receive a utility bill on your behalf and forward it to you to pay directly and remind you to transfer the service into your name immediately. The penalty fee is $25 for each bill Cappo/Deinco receives on your behalf. If there is a legitimate reason that you are unable to have service transferred then you will need to contact the office so we can make alternative arrangements. Unpaid Utilities and Penalty Fees are considered additional rent and will be taken from your Security Deposit return if remain unpaid at the end of your lease agreement.


Security Deposits

last updated 10-23-2020

How much is the Security Deposits?
Security Deposits are 1 1/2 months rent with very few exceptions.
When is the Security Deposits Due?
At least 1/2 is due upon signing the lease. The other half is due approximately 30 days later.

When will I get my security deposit back?
Cappo/Deinco has 30 days after the end of your lease agreement to place the security deposit return in the mail. You will receive an itemized list of any damages/deductions, if any, against your security deposit along with the balance of your deposit as long as you give us a forwarding address within 4 days after move out otherwise an itemized list is not required. If the damages are in excess of your security deposit you will be sent an invoice with 30 days to pay before the account goes to collections. Many provide a forwarding address for the security deposit recipient when the lease is singed but do not worry if you didn't or the address changes as w e will provide a card in the move out packet to use for the forwarding address of the recipient listed on the lease for units with more than one tenant. 


Parking & Towing

last updated 10-23-2020

Where am I supposed to park my car?
Your lease will tell you whether or not you have parking. Properties that require parking passes will be provided them in the move in packet along with a vehicle registration form and a parking layout drawing. Parking spaces are not assigned at most properties unless there are repeated problems. If you do not have parking per your lease then you will have to find parking elsewhere.  

Parking is available at my building; does Cappo/Deinco guarantee that I will always have a spot?
No, parking is available but not necessarily guaranteed. We only rent out the number of parking spaces that are available at a property. Typically after Fall move in there are parking bugs to work out. If everyone parks according to the layout drawing then there shouldn't be any problems. This also includes not parking more vehicles in the lot than each person is allowed. Friends and Family will have to find parking elsewhere. If you are having a problem with the parking at your building, please contact the office (734-995-1991) as soon as possible, and we will make every attempt to remedy the situation.

How do you determine who is permitted to park in the property lots?
Parking spaces are rented when leases are signed. Extra spaces may be rented to non tenants. For the most part Houses do not typically have parking issues and therefore do not normally receive parking passes. On the other hand, Apartment Houses have limited parking so typically the parking spaces are reserved for the larger units however, that is not always the case. In the fall, parking passes will be distributed to new residents upon move in as well new passes to renewing tenants. Parking Passes are provided to each apartment unit that has parking per their lease. Tenants are responsible for making sure their parking pass is visible at all times. If you do not have a parking pass, do not park in any Apartment Building lot as you risk begin towed at your expense.

My car was towed, where is it?
We do our best to avoid towing vehicles as it can be costly for the vehicle owner. Typically we use Glen Ann when we need a vehicle towed. If your car has been towed, you will need to call Glen Ann at 734-668-8877 to make arrangements for the car's release from storage. If they do not have your vehicle, call the Police Non-Emergency Department at 734-794-6911. If a vehicle was towed the towing company has roughly 10 minutes to report the vehicle towed to the police department. Cappo Management and Deinco Properties WILL NOT reimburse for towed vehicles!











last updated 10-23-2020

How do I place a maintenance request?
In writing via email, online tenant portal if you set one up, or through our website. cappomanagement@gmail.com; www.cappomanagement.com. If you have a maintenance problem that may need to be addressed sooner rather than later, please do not wait until the end of the day to inform us, especially if you've known about it for a while. During office hours you can call the office @ 734-996-1991 with your emergency request.  If you have an after hours emergency you may call our pager at 734-741-4572 where you will be prompted to leave a message as well as given an alternative phone number to contact. Please state your property address including apartment number, what your "emergency" is and a phone number where you can be reached.

What is considered to be a maintenance emergency?
A maintenance emergency to you may not be an emergency to maintenance in the late night early morning hours. All "emergency" calls are screened for actual emergencies. We consider an emergency a FIRE (call 911 first) or UNCONTROLLABLE FLOODING that cannot wait until the next business day. During the winter, NO HEAT will be considered an emergency if the entire house is out. A blown fuse, drippy faucet, or clogged toilet are not considered an emergency. Most breakers/fuses are in common areas or basements and we try to have extras on hand so tenants can attempt to replace the fuse on their own. You should have a plunger on hand so if your toilet starts to back up you can attempt to get it to drain so it does not overflow. If the water won't stop flowing then you will need to turn the water off to the toilet using the valve located behind/under the toilet tank. Please understand that we are a smaller company with limited after hour maintenance capabilities.



last updated 10-23-2020

Do I have the option to lease my apartment for the following year in advance of the general public?
Landlords are not required to offer renewals however we do typically offer our tenants a renewal. Our past renewal practices are under review for 2021/22 at this time and changes may be made to what we have done in the past.

I want to stay in the apartment/house for the next year, but my roommates do not. What do I need to do?
You are welcome to renew your lease without your current roommates. Your new roommates will need to come in with you to sign the new lease and complete the rental applications and pay the application fees. Arrangements will also need to be made regarding the security deposit.

How can I arrange living in a different Cappo/Deinco property next year?
Just notify the office of your desire and we will gladly assist you in finding another apartment. If you let us know what you are looking for we would be happy to send you a list of possible properties that may fit your needs. Also check our website for available properties. We do our best to keep it as up to date as possible. As we find out who is renewing and who is not we will update the website.



last updated 10-23-2020

Can I/We sublet our room/apartment/house?
In most cases, yes. You will need to make sure you have written approval from your roommates since all leases with more than one person are "joint and several". We will send out more information about Subletting in March. Should you need more information sooner please contact the office via phone or email.

I have found a subletter, what is the next step?
Complete a Sublease Agreement, provide Cappo/Deinco with a copy of the agreement along with your subtenants contact information. Students can use the UM Sublease available on the off campus housing website under Resources. Any generic sublease you find online should suffice.


Moving Out

last updated 10-23-2020

When does my lease end?
May leases typically end at Noon on May 2-2021. September leases typically end Noon on August 16th. Check your lease for your exact move out day and time. The end date for most Fall 2021-22 leases is Noon on August 16th.

What are the move-out procedures?

A move out packet will be provided about 30 days prior to move out. Should you need this information sooner please contact the office.

  1. Make sure your apartment/house is completely vacant and all personal belongings and trash is removed. Be sure to check any basement storage areas.
  2. Clean the apartment/house and leave it in the same, if not better, condition than when you moved in.
  3. Notify the appropriate utility companies of your last day of occupancy.
  4. Return your keys to the Cappo/Deinco office in the envelope provided along with your forwarding address (for security deposit return) on the index card also provided.
  5. After Cappo/Deinco receives your keys back, we will conduct an inspection of your apartment/house to check for any damages.

Can I extend my stay in the apartment after my lease ends?
Extensions/Holdovers are NOT permitted. We have a short period of time to turnover properties for the incoming tenants.

Is August rent prorated since we move out before the end of the month?

No. Even though you will not occupy your apartment/house for a full month, you are required to pay a full months' rent. You are paying a total sum amount which has been broken down into a number of equal payments (unless your lease states otherwise).


Misc. Policies and Other FAQ

last updated 10-23-2020

I/We no longer need all the furniture provided by Cappo/Deinco, can it be removed?
We only furnish properties during turnover. Your lease dictates what we will be providing for the term of the lease. Prior to move in, we give you a chance to make changes to the furniture list. We also give you limited time after move in to have items removed for cost. After this limited time frame, we will not make any changes to the furniture. What is left in your unit remains in your unit for the term of the lease. Any furniture that was removed is no longer available. We do not change furniture for subtenants. Whatever is in the unit is what the subtenant can use during their stay.

Can I/We paint our apartment/house?
In most cases yes, however you will be responsible for painting the apartment/house back to the original color. Everything is at your own cost and there is a separate painting agreement that would need to be completed. Failure to repaint will result in deductions from your Security Deposit Return.

We're having problems between roommates, what will Cappo/Deinco do?
Nothing. You are all adults, you need to work it out yourselves. If you need a mediator contact the University of Michigan Mediation Service or Student Legal Services for help and/or advice.

My roommate basically moved out and stopped paying their portion of the rent, am I responsible for their portion?
Yes. You signed a "joint and several" lease agreement. There is no such thing as "my" or "their" portion in joint and several agreements. It doesn't matter who pays the rent, it just needs to get paid. You need to communicate with your roommate to make arrangements to find a suitable replacement or subtenant. If you and your roommate are having communication issues or are in disagreement on what their "rights" are then we suggest you contact the University of Michigan Mediation Service or Student Legal Services for help and/or advice.

Cappo/Deinco's Position on Internal Tenant Issues

Cappo/Deinco will not get involved with internal tenant-tenant personal issues. The University of Michigan offers services to their students which we recommend you use if you are having internal issues with your roommates. If you are concerned for your safety due to illegal activity by your roommates then we recommend that you call the police department and file a report.

I signed a lease for next year but am no longer able to rent the unit. What is your cancellation policy?
You have limited time after signing the lease to cancel the lease unless the period falls within 30 days of commencement than cancellation is prohibited (for most leases). There is a cancellation charge of half of one months rent. If you are past the cancellation period then you would still be responsible for the entire term of the lease agreement. Cappo/Deinco will do their best to mitigate your damages upon written notice of intent to terminate/re-assign the lease by posting it back on the market and trying to re-rent it but it is in your best interest to also search for a suitable replacement. If the unit is re-rented/transferred for a lessor amount or term than what you originally signed for then you will be responsible for any differences. There is a minimum re-rental/termination fee of half of one months rent.